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D R A F T SUMMARY Establishes mandatory minimum sentence of 48 months’ imprisonment for assault committed by correctional facility inmate against corrections officer.



D R A F T SUMMARY Permits health care provider to disclose protected health information of inmate of correctional facility to employee of correctional facility who is exposed to bodily fluids of inmate if exposure is substantial and inmate has tested positive for HIV, hepatitis B or C or other communicable disease.



A Conservative Argument For A Balanced & Effective Minimum Wage

As the conversation about both the national and state wide minimum wage has unfolded over the last couple of years, labor and business have kept a close eye on government proposed action and have issued rhetoric supporting their chosen positions.  Generally speaking, labor wants it raised and business wants it kept the same (or raised […]


Lobby Day Success

Members from our caucus joined state sector workers yesterday at our State Capital to lobby  legislators on important AFSCME related issues.  In addition, sickness caucus members met with many conservative minded senators and house representatives to start better organizing and publicizing our conservative caucus.  Legislators by and large expressed interest in follow up discussions with our caucus members and […]


Cross-Aisle Political Support

As demonstrated by this article in today’s New York Times, AFSCME is not the only union to seek politician support from both sides of the isle.  To quote one of our caucus members from a previous meeting, “We support politicians who support us, irrelevant of what letter they have behind their name”.  One fact that […]


Council 75 Releases Legislative Scorecard Voting Record

Council 75 has released the Legislative Scorecard Voting Record for Oregon lawmakers.  The full voting record and scorecard can be found here. Check out to the scorecard to see how your local representatives voted on important union issues.