Where Conservative Minds From All Parties Can Cooperate and Surpass The Partisan Political Divide

May, 2014

May 2014 Executive Committee Report, Monthly Newsletter

Good afternoon all, Caucus members currently signed up on our membership roster (with current email addresses) got our first monthly newsletter in their email boxes over the weekend.  This newsletter will be put out monthly, folks interested in signing up on our roster can do so on the ‘join us‘ page. This month’s executive committee […]


The Partisan Political Divide

For someone fairly new to the minutia of statewide politics, it has been very interesting observing the overall political landscape and impact of the last couple of national election cycles.  The unfortunate fallout of one party gaining power across consecutive presidential elections (going back to the year 2000) has been the growth of polarizing forces […]


April 2014 Minutes

Sorry for the delay, capsule minutes from our April meeting can now be found here.  Just a reminder, hospital all of our past meeting minutes are available for review as well.