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December, 2016

Legislative Bills in support of Correction Workers

Senator Bill Hansell and Representative Greg Barreto have been working on the following bills to submit to the Oregon Legislature during this coming 2017 session. We would like you to contact your representatives to support them, when they are on the floor next year. Email: Sen.BillHansell@state.or.us Email: rep.gregbarreto@state.or.us


D R A F T SUMMARY Establishes mandatory minimum sentence of 48 months’ imprisonment for assault committed by correctional facility inmate against corrections officer.



D R A F T SUMMARY Permits health care provider to disclose protected health information of inmate of correctional facility to employee of correctional facility who is exposed to bodily fluids of inmate if exposure is substantial and inmate has tested positive for HIV, hepatitis B or C or other communicable disease.