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Saturday, September 23, 2017
9:05 am Meeting Held at Council 75 Office – Salem, OR

Mission Statement

The A.F.S.C.M.E. Council 75 Conservative Caucus was founded in March 17, 2012, in recognition of the need for conservative beliefs and core values to be represented, by mobilizing and empowering members of Council 75.
Vision Statement

We, the members of the Conservative Caucus of Council 75, will strive to create a Council, where all members and their ideas are respected and are encouraged, to express themselves without fear of ridicule.


Conservative Caucus Board Members Present:

President: Jeff Coffman, Local #3361 President: Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
Vice President:
Treasurer: Bryan Branstetter: Local # 3361 Eastern OR Correctional Institution
Recording Secretary: Annette Skillman, Local #2376, Eastern OR Correctional Institution
Staff Rep: Randy Ridderbusch
Excused: Mike Barazofsky
Members at Large:
Bob Hubbard, Local #Retiree

Via the Phone:

Visiting Conservative Caucus Members:



1. Meeting Called to Order: Chair Jeff Coffman called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

2. Minutes from last meeting: Correct meeting start time to 9 am.
Motion at approve with changes by B Branstetter and 2nd by A Skillman Motion Passed

3. Treasurer Report: Not available.

4. Membership: No membership info was reported.

5. Old Business:
a) Senate Bill 367 —  Permits health care provider to disclose protected health information of inmate of correctional facility to physician of employee of correctional facility or Oregon Corrections Enterprises who is exposed to bodily fluids of inmate if exposure is substantial and inmate has tested positive for HIV, hepatitis B or C or other communicable disease. It was noted that it passed both and goes into effect 1/1/18.

b) Overview of Senate Bill 1025 – Gov has sign.
Creates process by which certain persons who practice profession related to enforcing or providing for public health and safety and who, in performance of official duties, come into contact with blood, bodily fluid or other potentially infectious material of another person may petition court for order compelling testing of other person for communicable disease.

7. New business:
a) Membership – Discussed how to increase memebership.

b) PEOPLE Training –
Motion by AS to send Jeff Coffman and Bryan Branstetter and pay mileage and lost time for Jeff Coffman. Due to presentation for Hansel. 2nd by B Branstetter.

Motion Passed

8. Next Meeting: The next Caucus meeting Oct 21, 2017 9 am.

9. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn today’s Caucus meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Chair Jeff Coffman adjourned the Caucus meeting at 9 am.

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